IMG_3514If an organization has more than one team in any age division they must make a reasonable attempt to form their teams evenly by ability and grade when possible.

Players **CAN NOT** double roster (play for more than one team).

Middle School division will adhere to National HS Federation rules with MS modifications as outlined by the local lacrosse assignor.

**U9, U11, U13 divisions adhere to National Federation rules with the following modifications:**

Length of Games: Games will consist of two (2) twenty-four (24) minute running halves. Five (5) minute half time.

NO Timeouts: However, the officials can stop the clock in the event of an equipment problem, injury, or an emergency.

NO Overtime: Games that end in a tie will remain a tie.

Substitutions: We will continue to substitute on the fly or if a ball stops play. We will play teams that will stop play every 4 minutes to substitute their whole team. We will abide by these rules when we play them. Every child will get EQUAL time and will play multiple positions.

Face-Off Players: A player may not face-off more than two consecutive times.

Mercy Rules: A team that is behind by 4 or more goals shall be awarded the ball behind their goal (at X) without a face-off. A team that is behind shall have the option of waiving this rule at any point in the contest.

Checking: All legal stick & body checks are permitted, EXCLUDING one-handed wrap checks. NO ONE HAND CHECKS. All sticks must be executed with PROPER intent of making contact with the ball carriers stick or gloves. There will be NO “take-out” checks, or any hit with or without possession that has the intent of injuring.

Penalties: No man up/down. All flag down situations will result in “Fast Break” opportunities for the offended team.

Advancement: There is no time requirement to advance the ball out of the defensive zone or into the offensive box. There is no time requirement to keep the ball in the restraining area the last two minutes of the game. Goaltenders in possession of the ball within their crease must move the ball out of the crease (running or throwing) within 4 seconds.

Equipment: Stick Length: In the 5-6th grade division and higher, the 3 close defensemen will play with long poles. NO LONG STICKS PERMITTED in 3-4th or 1-2nd grade division. All players must be properly equipped, including mouthpiece or they WILL NOT be permitted to play.

Goals: The U13 and MS divisions will play on 6X6 goal’s, the U9 and U11 divisions will play on 5X5 goals.

Field Length: U13, U11 divisions will play on a regulation size field. At the U9 division the goals will be one crease closer together or 70 yards apart.